Nebbia AW Asymetrial Hoodie 721 (POISTOTUOTE)

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AW Asymetrical Hoodie

A new era of fitness clothing is coming! The AW Line collection is created for all men who
want to be stylish, fashionable and aren‘t afraid of new trends. It is full of modern and trendy
pieces, but it also provides you with the ultimate comfort during workout.
Forget boring sweatshirts! Forget cuts that will make you fade in the crowd. This hooded
sweatshirt is a piece you will want to wear everywhere. Be stylish already on the way to the
gym! Enjoy your most favorite and most comfortable clothes anywhere.
The asymetrical hoodie with NEBBIA printed strip inside is a design element that catches all
eyes! The combination of a smooth and structured material tone in tone adds another
interesting detail to the hoodie, so as the minimalist small AW Line logo on the front. The
material from which the hoodie is made is soft and comfortable. The combination with a
trendy slim fit cut ensures that this is a piece that you will wear not only for workout training
during the colder days, but you will dress it for any casual day.
The new AW Line collection is mainly characterized by its sophisticated design and
perfect materials. Thanks to interesting design of the hoodie, this piece is the new trend
which we create NOW and together with YOU!
In two stylish color combination – modern burgundy and light cream. You can combine this
hoodie easily with sweatpants in the same color.

• asymetrical hoodie
• combination of smooth and structured material
• strip with NEBBIA print inside the hoodie
• slim fit
• asymetrical stitching design on the chest and sleeves
• nice to touch
• minimalist print
• material: 88% cotton, 12% polyester (smooth section), 100% cotton (rib section)

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